Rhoda Fuchs-Morton


Welcome to "Yoga for Recovery"!
Yoga for Recovery is a studio dedicated to individuals who are in recovery from an addiction. It is also geared to individuals who are working on recovery from trauma, dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as psychological and spiritual growth (very suitable for people working in psychotherapy). It is a studio which creates a safe and supportive environment to learn yoga and how this wise practice can support you in your recovery work. Yoga for Recovery integrates 12-step practices and principles into the practices of Yoga. When we find ourselves dealing with an addiction, a trauma history and difficult emotional and mental states we need tools to know how to support ourselves- yoga practice offers just this. Yoga for Recovery also offers a weekly/bi-weekly Recovery Group which is eligible for behavioral health insurance coverage. Please see bellow. Participating in this group is a great way to support your recovery and offers significant discounts on classes.

Yoga for Recovery is located at the "Center for Mindfulness & Wellness" on the beautiful campus of St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The address is 7020 Camp Hill Rd. Fort Washington. There is ample parking on the grounds.

The studio is starting to offer classes regularly on April 9, 2018. All classes are 1 hour which allows for a full practice with time for a short reflection on  how the practice supports your recovery. The studio is currently working out the best times when people can come. Please contact Rhoda via e-mail or phone and let her know the times that work best for you. As the schedule evolves at the studio we want to offer classes that work with your schedule. 

All classes are suitable for both newcomers to Yoga as well as practitioners with previous experience. The class schedule changes each season so please always check the web-site to see the current class offerings.


The morning classes are structured to help you develop a consistent yoga practice. The classes focus on getting to know the poses and how to work with all the different practices yoga has to offer. By attending these classes you will be able to devop daily practices which support you in your recovery work.

The evening classes are geared towards practices which are calming and restorative. The classes are offered later in the evening with the intention of supporting you to end your day relaxed and ready to go home for a good night's rest.

Complimentary First Class
Drop-In Sliding scale fee from $10-$15
Five Class/Ten Class Card $60/$120 depending on sliding scale rate

WEEKLY AND BI-WEEKLY RECOVERY GROUP OFFERED ON SATURDAY MORNINGS AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS- Eligible for behavioral health insurance coverage. One free class per week included and discounts on all other classes when participating in this group. 
This group is geared to individuals who are working in recovery from an addiction. The studio offers a women's group and a group for both women and men. This group offers on-going support and covers many topics individuals are dealing with in recovery. The following are some of the topics addressed:
  • Learning self-soothing techniques
  • Learning how to tolerate and regulate emotions productively
  • Dealing with interpersonal conflict
  • Taking care of the body in recovery
  • Setting boundaries with self and others
  • Deep healing of old injuries and losses
  • Working with the ruminating and negative mind
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Self care and support from others
  • Family of origin work
  • Spiritual practices for Recovery

Yoga for Recovery is committed to assisting individuals develop a consistent yoga practice which supports your recovery. This also translates into helping you work out a viable payment plan so you can develop a consistent yoga practice. The studio works on a sliding scale considering the co-pays you have for the Recovery Group and how many times per week you decide to practice. Please call for a free consultation meeting on how you can integrate a yoga practice with the other recovery and therapeutic activities you are involved in, in a way which is financially feasible for you.