Rhoda Fuchs-Morton
                  The following Groups are offered on a Fall/Winter/Spring rotation.
Please call 267-303-4189 for registration and start dates (usually starting October/November for Fall, January/February for Winter and March/April for Spring. Groups offerings are based on full registration for a group which usually consists of 6-10 members. If the group is not offered during the season you register for a list is keept of individuals interested in a particular group and you will be called when that particular group is offered the next time.
Please do not allow the cost of the group to deter you from registration. Monthly payment plans can always be worked out in consideration of your financial situation.


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression- 8-week group offered on Saturday mornings from 8:00-10:00AM.
The foundation for this group is learning mindfulness based practices to address depressive symptoms. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy offers a compassionate, healing, life-enhancing approach to dealing with depression based in the understanding of the power of acceptance and compassion when dealing with negative thougths and low moods. The class will benefit you and teach you in the following ways:
  • Learn how to address negative thoughts in order to not get caught into a depressive mind-state.
  • Learn how to shift depressive mood states.
  • Allow you to benefit more from on-going psychotherapy
  • Provide skills to both ward off recurring episodes of depression and function more freely each day.
  • Increase self-esteem through empowering yourself to manage and shift your depressive symptoms
  • Provide an alternative way to experienceing yourself in the world.
Cost: $500.00 Registration fee $150.00


This group is offered as an on-going follow-up group for individuals who have completed the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression Group or for indivduals who want more support in treating their symtoms of depression.
Managing Depression -12-week 11/2 hour Group offered on either a Saturday morning or Monday/Wednesday evening from 8-9:30 PM.

The following topics are covered and a personal plan for on-going treatment and care is developed during the course of the 12 weeks.
  •  Mapping personal pattern and history of depression
  •  Identifying contributing factors and understanding of origins of depression
  •  Addressing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of depression
  •  Developing a personal plan for self-care
  •  Learning mindfulness practices
  •  Herbal remedies to treat depression
  •  Using depression as a change agent
  •  Cognitive Strategies to change depressive thinking
  •  Addressing and changing ruminative thinking
  •  Addressing interpersonal conflict
  •  Managing emotions
  •  Learning self-soothing techniques
  •  Utilizing support
  •  Learning yoga, accupressure and breathing techniques to alleviate depression
  •  Nutritional and physical regiment to decrease depression
  •  Relaxation techniques
  •  Addressing family of origin factors
Cost: $600.00 Registration $150.00




Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group - 16-week 11/2 hour Group offered on Saturday mornings from 11:00-12-30

If you struggle with the following in your life this might be an excellent group for you:
  • Difficulty letting go of the past; obsessive/ruminating thougths
  • Intense,overwhelming emotions that interfere with life and sound judgment
  • Difficulty asserting self and setting bounderies in interpersonal relationships
  • Tendency to use self-medicating/compulsive behaviors when stressed
  • Difficulty managing and tolerating stress effectively
  • On-going struggle with depression and anxiety
You will learn the following in this group:
  • Learn mindfulness skills to live more fully in the present moment
  • Tolerate stress more effectively
  • Manage difficult and overwhelming emotions
  • Deal more effectively with interpersonal conflict and stress
Cost:$720.00 Registration $200.00

Managing Anxiety
The group teaches life-changing strategies based upon the latest research about anxiety from both psychological practices and holistic healing. The following topics are covered and a personal plan for on-going treatment and care is developed during the course of the 12 weeks. .
  •  Understanding the causes of anxiety
  •  Developing a personal plan to eliminate anxiety
  •  Cognitive strategies to decrease anxious thoughts
  •  Learning mindfulness practices to decrease anxiety
  •  The importance of learning relaxation techniques
  •  Learning how to be assertive
  •  Herbal remedies to treat anxiety
  •  Learning yoga, accupressure and breathing techniques to alleviate anxiety
  •  Strategies to deal with panic attacks
  •  Recognizing negative self-talk and mistaken beliefs
  •  Nutritional and physical regiment to decrease anxiety
Cost:$600.00. Registration $150.00

Recovery from an Eating Disorder for Adults and Adolescents - 16-week group offered on Monday evenings from 8:00-9:30PM
The group is  highly skills based with an emphasis upon utilizing and creating social support networks and maintaining daily mental health practices. The following topics are covered:
  •  Mind fullness practices for recovery
  •  Body based therapeutic techniques
  •  Dialectical behavior therapy skills
  •  Creating safe environments for change
  •  Family factors affecting recovery
  •  Identifying and changing eating disorder thinking
  •  Reaching out for help
  •  Strategies to eliminate eating disorder behaviors and thinking
  •  Utilizing daily support towards recovery
  •  Learning self-care and self-soothing techniques
Cost:$720.00 Registration $120.00  Payment plans are made available over a 4-6 month time period.

Weight Loss and Weight Management Program
The “Families and Food” Program is a holistic weight loss approach based on the latest research about obesity and longstanding weight problems. The program consists of three phases of weekly and bi-weekly psychoeducational groups teaching you both how to lose weight and maintain weight loss. This program is recommended for individuals needing to loose a significant amount of weight (50-150lbs.) Please call for a brochure (267) 303-4189 that fully describes the program. The program utilizes the following psychoeducational learning experiences and treatment modalities:
  •  Motivational techniques
  •  Medical monitoring
  •  Nutritional counseling
  •  Weight monitoring
  •  Peer support
  •  Daily self-care activities
  •  Body image work
  •  Hypnosis and guided imagery
  •  Affirmations and creative visualizations
  •  Movement regime
  •  Emotional healing
  •  Holistic alternative therapies
Psychological Growth for Women in Recovery from an Addiction-12 -week Group offered on Wednesday evenings from 8-9:30 PM
This is an excellent group for women who have been in recovery from an addiction and are looking for support and strategies to heal and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The following topics are covered but not limited to:
  •  Identifying various forms of self-numbing and self-destructive behaviors
  •  Learning self-soothing techniques
  •  Learning how to regulate and tolerate emotions productively
  •  Dealing with interpersonal conflict
  •  Spiritual practices for recovery
  •  Taking care of the body in recovery
  •  Setting boundaries with self and others
  •  Deep healing of old injuries and losses
  •  Self-care and support from others
  •  Family of origin work
Cost: $600.00 Registration $150.00

The following half-day(4 hour) workshops are offered  three times per year:
  •  Introduction to Yoga for calming the nervous system
  •  Body Talk Practices for soothing, calming and centering the nervous system
  •  Family Constellations Work