Rhoda Fuchs-Morton


For the past 20 years I have been providing mental health care for individuals, couples and families for a variety of problems ( see specializations) My professional training and background is as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Addictions Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I also have a strong background in Alternative Holistic Healing Therapies from mind/body practices, energy psychology, body-based therapies, holistic health, process work and spiritual practices. In my private psychotherapy practice I specialize in holistic mental health treatment. This approach combines traditional psychotherapy ( please see Approach to Therapy to understand how I work as a Therapist using both Individual and Family Therapy approaches ) and Holistic Healing Therapies based in an understanding of the interconnection between the mind and the body.

What defines and distinguishes Holistic Mental Health Treatment?
In treating a problem holistic mental health treatment utilizes the best practices from both psychology and the mind/body holistic healing practices addressing all aspects of your functioning and applying the most appropriate treatment interventions for your particular problem. Holistic mental health treatment conceptualizes problem formation and the treatment process in a way that pays attention to all aspects of functioning – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, interpersonal and social environment. Problems form when any area of our lives is out of balance and when each area of our lives is not properly supported.

What are the main components of Holistic Mental Health Treatment in my Practice?

1.Holistic Mental Health Assessment
A very important part of any form of mental or physical treatment is a thorough understanding of a person’s problem. All areas of ourselves – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and our interpersonal world (familial, societal and environmental) are interconnected, and hence all the aspects of our human functioning need to be addressed when a problem presents itself in our lives. This in turn means that all aspects of our functioning contribute to the quality of our mental health.
The first step in my approach is to understand what is happening in all areas of your life. This initial Holistic Mental Health Assessment forms the basis for making treatment recommendations. The following briefly describes how it works:
• Call me first (267) 303-4189 so that I can answer any questions you have and to make the initial appointment. The intake appointments are 1hour each time we meet.
• Go to the Holistic Mental Health Assessment Form tab and print out the form. If you are seeking help for any of the following there is a special form added to the regular intake form you need to fill out: Depression, Anxiety, an Eating Disorder, Couples Therapy, Recovery from an Addiction and a Parent/Parents seeking help for an Adolescent Child. Take your time to thoughtfully fill this out and mail it to me: Rhoda Fuchs-Morton, 10 Church Rd., Elkins Park PA 19027. I prefer you put it in the mail rather than e-mail it to me to protect your confidentiality. It is important for me to have the Holistic Mental Health Assessment Form prior to the first appointment so that I can spend time reflecting on it prior to our first visit in order to make the best use of our time together.
• If you are seeking help as a couple I will meet with each one of you for one session and the last two with both of you. If you are a parent/or parents seeking help for your adolescent child I will meet with the parent/parents for one session, the adolescent for one session and both of you for the last two sessions.
• Based on this thorough Assessment of all areas of your life we will be able to determine what would be the most helpful forms of treatment for your current problem. During the last session an overview of both the origins of your problem will be covered as well as an overview of treatment recommendations.

2.Collaboration and Consultation with a Team of Holistic Practitioners
In my practice I have a Team of Holistic Practitioners who are affiliates of the practice (see Team of Holistic Practitioners tab) describing the various practitioners. All of these Practitioners are highly trained and skilled in their specialty area. Both brief consultations as well as more extensive work with various practitioners is recommended as needed throughout treatment.

3.Individualized Treatment Plan
During the 4th session of the Holistic Mental Health Assessment an Individualized Treatment Plan is developed. This plan helps you to begin to understand the underlying causes to your problem and the therapeutic plan to begin to address the problem. Holistic Mental Health Treatment consists of the following components:
A combination of therapeutic modalities are utilized consisting of the following elements:
Individual Psychotherapy- many approaches to psychotherapy are utilized (see Approach to Therapy for more detailed descriptions) depending upon the best fit for the problem and the person.
Holistic Healing Consultations: A variety of mind/body based modalities are utilized. Recommendations for Consultations with a variety of Practitioners are made, see Team of Holistic Affiliates tab.
Family Therapy Work: When individuals begin to address hurts and injuries within their family of origin this always assists people in their growth and healing and impacts the degree of mental health symptoms they experience.
Holistic Natural Supplements as an Alternative to Psychiatric Medication to Address Mood Management: The treatment of mood management (depression and anxiety and mood instability) is addressed from a holistic perspective meaning recommendations are made for natural supplements in order to be able to support the body’s own healing and regulating resources, as well as be able to work with finding ways to empower you to transform and heal the disturbed emotional and mental energies.
Holistic Medical Consultation: Beginning to understand the interconnection between physical and mental health symptoms is an important part of the treatment.
Community Resources: Assisting individuals to broaden their support systems is essential to increasing mental health well-being

Financially Affordable:
My practice is designed to assist individuals and families to be able to afford quality holistic mental health care. A combination of insurance and affordable private fees allows individuals to receive the best care possible. All psychotherapy sessions are 60 minutes. If you are using insurance the insurance reimburses for a 45 minute session. The extra 15 minutes are billed on a sliding scale based on my hourly fee.

The fee structure is the following for the various services:
Individual Psychotherapy: Most often individuals can use their insurance benefit to pay for psychotherapy. Most individuals have mental health benefits where they only need to pay a minimal co-pay for mental health treatment.
Family Therapy Work: Depending upon how this work is structured either insurance or private fees are used.
Holistic Healing Consultations: All the affiliates of the practice have very reasonable and competitive rates for their services.
Holistic Medical Consultations: Referrals are made to medical practitioners who take insurance.


The Practice specializes in treating depression and anxiety with a holistic approach integrating psychotherapy and mind/body methods to both manage, decrease and transform the distressing symptoms. Please see Yoga Therapy for a description of  "Mindfulness Practices to Manage Depression and Anxiety"


The Practice offers the "Symptom Free" Program- an extended care and support program for recovery from eating disorder symptoms
Please see a detailed description of the program under the tab Group Registration
The program provides daily support & therapeutic resources for recovery from Eating Disorder Symptoms


  • Well versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques

  • Diverse training and background

  • High retention- clients stay and report significant change and development in their lives

  • Ability to integrate and utilize alternative healing practices into psychotherapy in order to maximize therapeutic gain

  • Committed to a holistic understanding of people's problems

  • Broad clinical background which allows for good assessment and understanding of peoples problems and application of the most helpful and appropriate therapeutic approach

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